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Ps Anthony & Melinda Shalala

C3 Central City started as a dream to create a place in the centre of Sydney where people could encounter and connect to God and to each other. We are Sydneysiders who love our beautiful city and want to see it influenced by the positive message of Jesus Christ.

We are a part of C3 Church International, a movement of local churches all around the globe. Founded and led by Dr Phil Pringle OAM. We are traditional in our Christian belief but contemporary in our practice.




VISION: Build the Church
MISSION: Save Lost People, Make Disciples and Empower the Saints
CULTURE: Bright, Relevant and Powerful


To build a church with a voice of influence in this city.


  • Loving, knowing and enjoying God.
  • People matter to God and therefore matter to us.
  • Reaching and saving lost people.
  • Christ-centered teaching that develops people in all areas of life.
  • Embracing a multi-generational and multi-cultural church.
  • Equipping everyone to be a minister.
  • Excellence and quality in all aspects of Church Life.
  • Investing in our future by raising the next generation.
  • Maintaining cultural relevance through innovation and creativity.
  • Supernatural Christianity with healings, miracles and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Teams are far more effective then individuals.
  • Worship that invokes the presence of God.
  • Generosity and prosperity with purpose.




Anthony and Melinda Shalala are the Pastors of C3 Central City. Anthony started the church in 1998 from the living room of his apartment in Surry Hills, and since then it has developed into a strong, vibrant and growing church. Anthony and Melinda are an amazing couple, who left successful careers in business to pursue their ministry callings. They are Sydneysiders born and bred, who love this city. They have two sons, Sebastien and Isaac, and a daughter, Zoe.


Anthony is a gifted speaker who relates the ageless truths of the Bible in a relevant, inspiring and often humorous way. As a leader, he has the courage and compassion to “say it like it is” when needed, sharing from his heart with powerful conviction and a genuine concern for people.


Melinda is a vibrant, loving woman whose deep and intimate relationship with God is the centre of whom she is. She is a multi-talented mother, singer, pastor, motivator and Women’s Ministry leader who brings light and insight to all.


Anthony and Melinda have a passion to see people take hold of God’s best for their lives.